DIY // Ikea Hack Sidetable


DIY ikea hack side table by Sugar & Cloth

  *rug tiles courtesy of Flor for this DIY project:  

I seriously have yet to solve the mystery of why nightstands are so expensive. I get that they are relatively important for both hoarders and neat freaks alike, but eighty plus dollars worth for any kind of decent design is kind of crazy, let’s be real (not to mention when you have to double that number by two for the other side of the bed).

Coming from a girl on a budget, I try to be as guilt free as possible on my furniture choices without skimping on uniqueness (like this DIY project I had a few weeks ago). These Ikea hack DIY side tables that I made for my guest bedroom only cost me $35 each to make, and they’re pretty much one of a kind. I say that because I seriously doubt that anyone else has a side table in their guest room that refused to take the time to measure and mark where the legs go and they just winged it. If you happen to be one of the people that can say you’ve done that, please email me so we can be best friends.


  • Ikea expedit shelving unit (shown in white, $19)
  • Waddell 4in. wooden table legs (Ace Hardware, $3.49 each)
  • Drill and drill bit

DIY ikea hack side table by Sugar & Cloth

Honestly, the most time consuming part of this entire project is actually building the Ikea shelf. Not that we’re surprised, but I thought I’d go ahead and throw it out there.

DIY ikea hack side table by Sugar & Cloth

Once you’re shelf is assembled, choose which side you want to be the bottom, and mark where the legs should go in all four corners. Use the drill to create holes on the markings just big enough for the legs to screw into while being snug. Twist each leg in, and you’re finished! Easy peasy.

DIY ikea hack side table by Sugar & Cloth


DIY ikea hack side table by Sugar & Cloth

Lastly, I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to take DIY photos with my cowhide *Flor rug tiles in them, Seriously, I’m obsessed. And for once it’s not something pink, polka dots, or stripes (although I wanted that one, too).

DIY ikea hack side table by Sugar & Cloth



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45 thoughts on “DIY // Ikea Hack Sidetable

  1. jewel7013

    You are so right on about the ridiculous prices for end tables and if you need two(which we all think we do) well, the dollar amount just went sky high…not only are your tables reasonably priced but beautiful with clean lines beating anything I see in the stores… love them!!!

  2. Ryan

    We share the same sentiments. I do not like purchasing pieces of furniture which are way overpriced based on the look and materials used. You did a great job with this piece of furniture. Not a lot of people would think about adding a leg to that shelving unit.

      1. debbie

        Yes that perfect thank you, and the legs? some of these online stores seem very, very tres expensive for the feet/legs which kind of makes it counter-productive don’t you think or where where yours sourced?

  3. Lauren Wiebe

    LOVE IT! I’m totally doing this this weekend. Did you have to cut down the length of your legs? I’ll have to source them locally because I’m in Canada, but I’ve never done anything like this before so I have no idea! Thanks!

  4. Coco

    This looks great!! This is one of the best IKEA hacks I’ve seen. Lauren, your bed looks nice too in the pictures, though only a little bit of it is shown. Could you do a blog post about your bed and beddings? I am looking forwards to seeing it.

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  6. Leslie B

    This is perfect for my stepson’s room! There’s already a larger Expedit shelf on one end of the room so I could make little matching nightstands just like you did!

  7. Tippy

    Which shelving unit did you use? Your link only comes to the Ikea main frame. I searched ‘Shelving Units’ and didn’t see any individual ones for the $19 price. Great post followed by the headboard (really wanna make that one!). Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for an awesome blog.

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  10. sp

    Yes, again same question as Tippy.
    Which shelving unit is this? Searching for Expedit brings up Kallax now on the Ikea site.
    Anyway this can still be done? Plzzz help!

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  18. Vicky B.

    I just moved out on my own for the first time and I was thinking of painting my current night-tables but I came across your post on Pinterest and I fell in love with this Ikea hack. Thank you for this post!

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  29. Kelt

    Really cool design! One thing I would change though is putting the flat end on top instead of on the sides of the table. That way the top wouldn’t have any edges.

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