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DIY Mini Wooden Christmas Trees


DIY wooden Christmas tree decor | sugarandcloth.com   DIY wooden Christmas tree decor | sugarandcloth.com

photos by Jared Smith

I’m sure a lot of you have already jumped on the Christmas decor train by now, especially after this crazy pom pom tree and this non-traditional cactus version, but just in case you haven’t I’m wrapping up our travel inspired holiday series for Princess Cruises with these DIY mini wooden Christmas trees (or mountains!)! Of all of the quirky ways we’ve come up with for celebrating the holidays on the go, these little guys are definitely a put-me-in-your-pocket-and-go type decor. Of course, a mantle will work too, whatever floats your snow globe!

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Brooklyn Thread Giveaway!


brooklyn thread giveaway brooklyn thread giveaway

In case you’re looking for the perfect gift for your bestie, we’re happy to help support the cause with a Brooklyn Thread giveaway! Or you can just keep the goodies for yourself as a reward for surviving some of the holiday madness and I’ll pinky swear not to judge you. If only you could’ve seen my luggage trying to bring back all of my LA goodies from the weekend, you’d really know I mean that.

One lucky Sugar & Cloth reader will win a rose quartz stone candle holder, a rose quartz wine stopper, and a pink agate stone trivet. You know what that means right? You’ll have the raddest bar cart around just in time for all of the parties, or the perfect place to stash your new trinkets and lotions on your console like I did.

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DIY modern dreamcatcher


modern metallic dreamcatcher DIY | sugarandcloth.com modern metallic dreamcatcher DIY | sugarandcloth.com

photos by Jared Smith

Not that dreamcatchers aren’t always a good idea, but when they’re metal and gold like this DIY modern dreamcatcher, I’m totally down! I may be bias since I’ve been dreaming (no pun intended) this bad boy up for a while now, but I think they’d make pretty great handmade holiday gifts, too. I just wish you could’ve seen the trial and error that it took before we got to this version, and by we I actually mean my assistant Tiffany pretty much manned the fort. It may seem easy, but it takes a bit of time to get it just right.

Lucky for me I’m looking for something to distract you from my radio silence while trying to survive this new studio construction, so this works out perfectly!…

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DIY Cat Trinket Dish


DIY cat trinket dish @purinaFF | sugarandcloth.com DIY cat trinket dish @purinaFF | sugarandcloth.com

Well today marks the day that we take our friendship to the next level, because I’m totally about to let my cat lover flag fly high. Not that it’s exactly been hidden all of these years, I mean, my cat Thomas was Mr. December last year for Kelly’s annual fundraising calendar (not to brag or anything). Plus let’s be honest, Taylor Swift is totally make cats cool again after that Diet Coke commercial, right?

Nonetheless, I decided to hop on the Feastivities train with loud and proud with a handmade gift idea for your fellow cat lover loved ones with this DIY cat trinket dish. This one’s for you, Mom! (she’s actually allergic to cats, I just thought that’d make her proud)…

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