Our Living Room Christmas Decorations + Pink Ornaments

Our Living Room Christmas Decorations — Nothing says “happy holidays” like a cozy Christmas tree corner and twinkles light, don’t you agree?! We’re sharing our pink ornaments and Christmas decor for our living room this year…

pink and gold christmas tree decorations

This is our first Christmas in the new house, and I couldn’t be more excited to decorate! We have baby number 2 arriving any day now, and the house is feeling cozy!

This is also the first year that Gwen is really understanding Christmas a little bit more and it’s so fun to see the magic in her eyes.

I’ve never felt cooler than when she came home from school to our front door Christmas decor.

Even though I spent WAY too much time debating the perfect Christmas ornaments combination from At Home, I’m so happy with how everything turned out. 

Fair warning, pretty much everything in these photos is from At Home, so prepare yourselves! Can you guess what Gwen’s favorite element is? Hint: the polar bear igloo…

10 ft christmas tree and abstract pink decor in living room

christmas tree ornaments and presents

Our Living Room Christmas Decorations + Pink Ornaments

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that our living room decor has had some changes since we first did our living room reveal for the One Room Challenge. 

The ceilings in our front living room and foyer are about 25 feet tall, so the sky was the limit on how big of a tree we wanted for this space. 

When we were shopping in the store, the 9ft tree looked plenty big enough and the 12 foot trees looked massive!

We decided on this flocked tree, but once we got it home and set it up I wished we had gotten this 12 foot tree instead. Maybe I can convince Jared we should switch next year, haha!

pink ornaments on a christmas tree

When I came to picking out ornaments, I immediately fell in love with these paper flower pink ornaments! The detail on them is insane!

We have to solely stick to shatterproof style ornaments between having a toddler and three cats running around. So all of our ornaments fall under the kid-safe category. 

The flower pink ornaments were my splurge pieces so I mixed them with sets of shatterproof ornaments and wood bead garlands

I used a combination of antiqued icicle ornaments, matte white and pink ornaments, gold star ornaments, jumbo gold ornaments, cream and gold ornaments, and retro gold ornaments

fake gingerbread house christmas decorations

photo of a frame tv above a christmas fireplace

I also fell in love with this foldable metal village decor! I immediately wanted to use it as a fireplace screen and love how it fits the space.

Shamelessly I spray painted it gold to match the rest of our decor and I love how it turned out. 

I paired it with gold gift boxes and pink ribbon to tie in our pink ornaments, too. 

To add some height around the fireplace, I used two matching mini flocked trees and just cut off the ornaments that came attached to it. 

photo of a christmas fireplace cover

photo of bottle brush trees on a console table

It’s no secret that I have thing for sisal trees. A prime example is our Christmas decor from our old house as seen in my Christmas scavenger hunt game

I went with a more subtle color scheme since this room is very muted and combined them with glass light up trees

I reallly wish I had been able to snag these glass pink Christmas trees!

photo of a pinky swear art print and gingerbread houses

paper pink ornaments on the christmas tree

polar bear igloo christmas decorations

What I missed out on in pink Christmas trees I made up for with this igloo and polar bear centerpiece, don’t you think?

Plus this faux gingerbread house village was way too cute to pass up!

horizontal photo of a christmas fireplace screen

 bottle brush trees and peach abstract artwork

christmas wreath on a mirror with bench

Our oversized gold mirror in between the dining room and living room was the perfect space for a flocked wreath and velvet pink ribbon to match our pink ornaments. 

I used this flocked wreath and cut off the berries and pinecones to match our style better. 

faux gingerbread house decorations pink and gold christmas tree in living room  

full living room view christmas decorations

I have to say, I love walking in the front door to this view! I’m going to be seriously sad having to take down the Christmas decorations this year! 

I’m also shamelessly planning to do a fun, colorful Christmas tree in our family room this year, too. Do any of you decorate more than one tree for your home?!

And in case you’re looking for other holiday party ideas, here are a few of my favorites —

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    • Hi! Thank you! The igloo is from At Home. There is a link to it in the post (but unfortunately, it is no long available online.)

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    • Hi Courtney! The silver garlands are from At Home. They’re actually just flocked pine. We did buy them online, but I think they might be only at the stores now since we couldn’t find them online anymore either. The little white houses are actually recycled decor! We got them years ago at Target in their dollar section. Hope this helps!

  3. Gorgeous decorating! I love the pink, gold, rose gold, and complimentary colors you’ve picked out. Stunning. I love using non-traditional colors to celebrate Christmas. One of my favorite pairings is orange, brown and copper. I’ve seen some stunning arrangements in those colors. Your arrangements are gorgeous. And they look relatively easy to replicate. :)

    • Thank you so much, Betsy! We love your color pairings! Definitely beautiful fall colors. We are totally about the non-traditional holiday colors too!

  4. Love your colorful living room! We also do 2 trees the one in the family room is flocked tree with pink and gold decoration (this tree is our our 2 grand babies they each 1 year old (2 girls) and our living room tree is white and gold.


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