Apple Cinnamon Cider Recipe

Cinnamon Cider Recipe - Sugar and ClothCinnamon Cider Recipe - Sugar and Cloth

What Houston lacks in actual Fall weather, we can make up for in Fall drinks as long as we turn up the air conditioning enough to pretend it’s cold enough weather for warm drinks.

Either way, you can sip this cinnamon cider recipe straight on through to Christmas if you want! Good news is you can literally still eat your cake too, because there are only about 100 calories in each serving thanks to this sweet little thing called stevia.

I actually just started trying out Pure Via as it’s still a natural sweetener, but it’s also a blend of raw cane sugar (turbinado) and stevia, which I thought was pretty cool!

This way you can use it in recipes just like regular sugar, but it only has 5 calories per serving. This also means if you make our cinnamon cider recipe with light apple juice, it’s even less calories but still as sweet as you want it to be.

That’s a win/win, my friends! Even better, we’re giving one lucky reader an entire Pure Via gift pack so you can make allllllll the cider you want…

Cinnamon Cider Recipe - Sugar and Cloth

Cinnamon Cider Recipe - Sugar and Cloth

Ingredients for Making Apple Cinnamon Cider

  • 4 cups of organic apple juice
  • 6 packets of Pure Via Sweetener
  • 4 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Cinnamon sticks and apple wheels as garnishes

Bring the apple cider to a simmer in a medium sauce pan, then stir in the remaining ingredients and serve immediately. Add a cinnamon stick and apple wheel for garnishing details.

Cinnamon Cider Recipe - Sugar and ClothCinnamon Cider Recipe - Sugar and Cloth Cinnamon Cider Recipe - Sugar and Cloth

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30 thoughts on “Apple Cinnamon Cider Recipe”

  1. Love the apple cider recipe. Thanks!

    My favorite fall recipe is a turkey sausage cassoulet. It’s with butternut squash, sweet potato, white beans and fresh herbs. It makes my kitchen smell like autumn.

  2. My fave fall recipe is a baked rice casserole-type dish with chicken-apple sausage, raisins, and walnuts. It’s so delicious and makes you feel extra cozy!

  3. Can’t wait to try it with my family! A recipe that reminds of the Holidays is my Grandma’s Sweet Potato Pie! its so good, and makes the house smell so inviting. A dollop of freshly whipped cream, and I’m good to go.


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