DIY // Ikea Hack Stikwood Headboard


DIY ikea hack stikwod headboard DIY ikea hack stikwod headboard

You know I’m always down for a good Ikea hack, especially when it involves adhesive wood and no dry wall screws. Granted, you may have to saw a few things but if you have a handy spouse, parent, friend, or a remotely friendly neighbor with some tools, you’ll be fine!

Now let me introduce you to the glory that is Stikwood. It’s reclaimed wood that’s already finished and with adhesive backing on it, which is perfect for those of us that aren’t exactly woodworkers (like myself), but still want the reclaimed wood look. My mind is pretty much swimming with things to stick this genius invention on, but for now I’ll just share my DIY Ikea hack headboard to not get too crazed on you right away.


  • One case of Stikwood (mine is the Reclaimed Barrel Oak, I only used just over 10 sq. ft) *c/o
  • Ikea Malm bedframe (from the Ikea As-is section for $90)
  • Rotary saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen
  • Clear, matte polyurethane (you can by it for indoor use if constructing inside)
  • Fine sand paper (optional)
  • Black sharpie (optional for style)

DIY Ikea hack Stikwood headboard

Depending on the width and length of the Stikwood you choose, you’ll measure the individual pieces to be the same width as the Malm headboard (66 1/8 “) for each row and mark with a pen on the back of the piece of wood. In this instance, I left two pieces of Stikwood the original length for every row, and cut one smaller piece (4 1/4 “) and alternated the placement of the small piece so vary every row would be different, then peeled the backing off and pressed them firmly on the face of the headboard.

Because the Stikwood is made from real reclaimed wood, not all of the pieces fit quite the same. The best way to make sure everything lines up correctly is to test each row before peeling the adhesive backing off of the wood and placing it. You can always lightly sand rough parts of the wood to make sure pillows won’t snag the surface if need be.

DIY ikea hack stikwod headboard

The sharpie comes in handy if you’d like to have a more dimensional look by not making every single piece fit flush against each other. You can use the sharpie to color in a little line (as seen in the large tutorial photo) and then leave a small gap in between the two pieces.  

Once the entire headboard is covered , spray the polyurethane over the entire surface and let dry. This will keep the color of the wood from rubbing off onto pillows, and then you’re all set!

DIY ikea hack stikwod headboard

I absolutely love the finished product. I thought I might miss my all white bed frame, but it really makes it much more cozy. Now I just have to resist the urge to put it on everything!

What out of the box place would you use Stikwood for a DIY?

DIY ikea hack stikwod headboard

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125 thoughts on “DIY // Ikea Hack Stikwood Headboard

  1. dianawillard

    This is such an ingenious idea! I’d never heard of stikwood before, but now I’m looking at our old Ikea desk and thinking how much better it would look covered in wood. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Maggie

        I was just going to ask the exact same thing! I’ve been having a terrible time finding side-tables. We already have an amazing headboard but I think I’m going to put stinkwood on your ikea-hack sidetables :) Amazing!!!

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  9. Elisa

    LOVE this hack!! That Stikwood stuff isn’t cheap – $200 a case! I might be tempted to do a similar hack, but glue wood strip. But you can’t argue with the ease of the Stikwood. Plus, your bed looks amazing.

    1. Ashley Post author

      You’ll also have plenty of leftover pieces to use for other projects too! Plus it’s real reclaimed wood, can’t be that ;) xo

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  15. door39

    Great project but how much did it cost in total? The ikea bed is about $300, the stikwood runs about $200. Seems like a lot for a DIY project. You could get a solid piece of reclaimed wood for around that price…

    1. Ashley Post author

      I actually got the bed frame in the Ikea as-is section for $90! I was pumped! And you get enough Stikwood for at least two projects, so it actually only ends up being $300 altogether for a custom bed! :)

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  21. lihi

    I LOVE this – and I love the art and the blanket too… it’s the bedroom of my dreams :)
    could you share – where is the crosses blanket from?

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  29. Cassy Ewbank

    Hi, I’m new to your page but look forward to checking it out :) Loving this bedhead. I was wondering about the ‘choose love’ wall hanging, is that diy? If not where did you find it please?

  30. Jen

    Hi Ashley, absolutely love this project and am about to try it for myself! I am having trouble finding the clear matte polyurethane. (I tried Lowes and Home Depot). Do you know where I could get it? Thanks!!! :)

    1. Ashley Post author

      Hey Jen, glad you love the project! If you’re having trouble finding the spray matte polyurethane, satin will do just fine! Otherwise you can always buy the kind in a quart and brush it on :) xoxox

  31. Amber

    Hi, absolutely love this project! I’m sorry if you have already answered this, but am wondering. What size frame is this particular project? Queen, King?

    Thanks in advance!

  32. Suzanne Pernell

    Could you put the stikwood directly on your wall? That would eliminate the need for the white bedframe and you could just use a metal one (that doesn’t show) and the headboard would be on the wall.

  33. Nienke

    Wow, that’s just amazing! I never even knew stickwood existed, but it’s beautyfull and it seems like very easy to work with!

    I’m moving out next year when I’m going to college and I’m definitely keeping this in mind when I’m decorating my room!

  34. Stella

    hello! Just curious, what bed frame is shown in the photo if you just got the malm head board and not the malm bed frame?

    Thank you!


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