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Bar Cart Basics


simple spicy paloma recipe #sipsforsummer - Sugar & Cloth

photo by Jared Smith, recipe here

Hey, hey, hey! Lee here, and it’s time to chat about a quintessential element for any one who loves to entertain (hello, upcoming holidays!). The bar cart basics!

I love having people over and entertaining friends and family so as we planned our dining room reno I knew this was a non-negotiable item. But once I started assessing everything we need I found it a bit overwhelming. After some research and discoveries I decided to keep it simple and break it down to the basics. Of course each one has a fun little twist.

So here’s a few recommendations for anyone creating a bar cart at home or looking to revamp their current one!… Read More

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9 Yard Games for Summer Gatherings


the best yard games for summer! - sugar & cloth

I’m pretty much a self proclaimed game night fiend. If someone so much as hints that they’re down for some board games, I’ll be the first one to start digging through closets to bust one out. I think I have my Dad to thank for not being able to sit still, so anything that keeps my mind busy (even while “relaxing”) is a good thing, and these 9 yard games for Summer gatherings will definitely keep your 4th of July guests entertained this year!

Plus, they’re all cute enough to not ruin every family photo that gets snapped with games in the background, is that too shallow to say out loud? Don’t judge me, I’m just here for your styling pleasure…

Read More

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10 Pretty Picnic Products for Summer


The great thing about a picnic is that you can pretty much have one anywhere. Of course a secluded grassy hill is ideal, but heck, you can set up in a park nearby or even your own yard if you like! For me, Lee, the best picnics, wherever they may be, include some fresh fruit, fine cheeses, baguettes and a glass (or two) of vino but there are really no rules as to what a picnic should entail, although we highly recommend these 10 pretty picnic products!

I love the idea of making it a proper occasion for a day date with your love or a fun afternoon with some good friends. Of course you could throw everything into a plastic cooler and roll out a tarp, but that’s definitely nowhere near as fun as it would be with some of these pretty picnic products! I mean, have you ever seen a more perfect picnic frock than this gingham one?!…

10 picnic essentials you need this Summer! Sugar & Cloth Read More

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10 Fringe Products You Need


Well hello again! Lee here, and I’m so glad to be back here on Sugar & Cloth and super excited to be sharing a round-up of one of my favorite trends, FRINGE!

Now I’ll be honest, I’m not usually one to swoon over the latest must-haves or go nuts for fashion fads but fringe might just be an exception. It’s timeless, fun, perfect for twirling and for any summer events you might have on the horizon. Plus it’s made it’s way far outside the flower child festival grounds and into contemporary homes and closets everywhere.

Since fringe can pack a pretty powerful style punch, my approach is to keep it simple and adding just one item is really all you need to give an outfit or a room a swingy boho vibe….

get your fringe on with these must-have fringe trends

Click through to see all of our favorites!… Read More

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