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My newest addiction and a giveaway to start your own online shopping habit to Chairish…


mid-century glam favorites from @chairishco |

Well as if Amazon Prime hadn’t gotten out of hand enough for me, my lovely contributor Nanette went ahead and introduced me to Chairish. Now I’m three mid-century gem impulse purchases away from needing a billboard hotline number for intervention.

Have you been to the site before? It’s a really, really well curated version of all of the prettiest previously loved home furnishings and goods from all over the country that you can buy and have shipped to you.  I mean, it’s like an A+ flea market high at your finger tips, 24/7. I refused to let myself keep the iPhone app because we’re currently working on two room makeovers to share with you this month (yay!), and it was getting WAY too easy to justify them as business expenses.

All of this to lead me to my next point, which is Chairish kindly asked if I’d be interested in sharing a collection of my favorite items from the site which I replied in a very cool, calm, and collected way “YES!” and then proceeded to run a lap around the studio. I’ll cut to the chase and share twelve of my favorites here and then leave you be to browse the rest of my selections here, plus…

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DIY // 6 Must-try fruit inspired projects and a life crisis update


6 must-try fruit DIY's |

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’ve reached a point where my unhealthy death grip on my computer has come to a head. Last night it took a dive for the worse and decided to completely shutdown, so alas, I have to postpone my DIY post for today and instead make a medical emergency trip to the Apple store and beg them to do overnight reviving on my baby. Which leads me to my next point: fruit.

Clearly the two go hand-in-hand, and since I can’t bring my own project to the table today and I’m bowing out of the fruit game with my last fruit inspired project on Julep next week, I decided I’d my an ode to my favorites from the summer. Here we go-

DIY crochet tutti frutti potholders by Wink for Tutsplus // DIY pom pom fruit by Mr. Printables // DIY fruit macarons by Sugar & Cloth // DIY watermelon donuts by Paper & Stitch // DIY fruit slice umbrellas by Studio DIY  // DIY fruity print zipper purses by The Lovely Drawer 

Lastly, this crazy awesome fruit grill made an appearance on the list too, but I didn’t want to scare anyone away too quickly. Hope you all have a great weekend! xo

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A happy Thanksgiving and my yearly recipe


chocolate covered strawberry turkeys

chocolate covered strawberry turkeys

I’m gearing up for Thanksgiving this week with my yearly chocolate covered strawberry turkey recipe and crossing every limb I have for the miracle of seeing snow in Houston since I won’t be making it back to the east coast for the holiday. I’ll be laying low until next week with the exception of a few exciting tid-bits of news here and there but I’m wishing you lots of turkey induced naps and pieces of pie you don’t need but eat anyways.

Now, how many of you will be heading out for Black Friday? I’m terribly too impatient for lines and camping out, but if you have any online deals that I should know about I’m all ears!

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15 Must-have Golden Holiday Entertainment Items


Funny story: this post was originally going to be title 10 Must-have Golden Holiday Entertainment Items, but somehow that turned into fifteen and that’s only because my collage skills aren’t honed enough for twenty. All of that to say that I’m obsessed with all these gold, as proven by my home tour and just about every other DIY I make (like yesterday).

Luckily for all of my family members, I just did their Christmas shopping for them by rounding up these fifteen golden items you should purchase (for me) right away. —

gold entertainment must-haves

west elm gold servingware // west elm gold flatware // U.O. prisma golden wall decor // C wonder polka dot cake stand // C wonder Ikat dessert plates // kate spade salt and pepper shaker // anthro ginkgo leaf candelabras // anthro golden cocktail shaker // anthro gold confetti paper napkins // anthro monogram mugs // patterned champagne flutes // CB2 pinch bowls // gold striped straws // scalloped baking cups // west elm gold napkin ring set

gold entertainment must-haves

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