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14 Bold and Bright Products You Need!


Most of the time I, Lee, am content to be surrounded by lots of white, black and neutrals. But it seems around this time every year (and just about ALL year around Sugar & Cloth!) I get bit by the bright color bug (which I’ll gladly take over a mosquito any day!). The grass is greening up, the trees are bursting with blossoms, the annual spring flowers have sprouted and I want to participate in this fantastic compendium of color, and these are 14 bold and bright products you need this Summer!

The good thing is that it’s really easy to do! Just by adding one standout piece to a room, such as an amazing red chair, a sculptural pendant or a few fresh art prints you can bring the whole space to life. The same goes for your summer wardrobe too. It could be a great dress, a bright bag or even a swimsuit in a show stopping color that gives your closet the color injection it needs.

Maybe you’re way ahead of me, and are already a connoisseur of all things bright and bold, but if not, this little roundup of all the colorful goodies will get you on track for a seriously super summer!

14 bold and bright products you need this summer! | sugar & cloth 14 bold and bright products you need this summer! | sugar & cloth

1. Paper Pendant via Etsy // 2. Gus Modern Chair // 3. Nasty Gal Turn Table // 4. J.Crew Tote // 5. Print 1 // 6. Print 2 // 7. Print 3 // 8. Madewell Dress // 9. J.Crew Sandals // 10. Smeg Toaster // 11. Urban Outfitters Bath Mat // 12. Nasty Gal Sunnies // 13. Zara Yellow Shorts // 14. J.Crew Swimsuit

— Post and image designs by Lee Vosburgh

lee Lee Vosburgh is an Art Director and editor of the blog Style Bee, a hive for honing personal style and learning to live well with less. When Lee isn’t buzzing about the internet she can be found playing fetch with her corgi Dobby, renovating a 125 year old house or snapping pictures in her hometown of Guelph, Ontario.
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A Guide to Bring in Spring with Plants


Post and image designs by Lee Vosburgh

Spring weather is officially here and as nice as it’d be to just ditch our responsibilities, play hooky and spend all day outdoors, that’s not really an option for most of us. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a bit of nature’s green goodness in the office or at home.

Here’s a little round up of some seriously pretty plants and planters that would gladly host a few fresh outdoor friends as little guide to bring in Spring with plants!

a plant for every room in the house | sugar & cloth

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15 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100


15 Mother's Day Gift Ideas under $100 | sugar & cloth

I feel buying for a parent is one of those deals that’s either a no-brainer, or you seriously scour for the perfect gift for days on end with no luck. To help ease your perfect gift woes for the trendy Mom, I’ve rounded up 15 Mother’s Day gift ideas for under $100! I left out the token flowers and playing the “I’m going to make dinner” card since I figured those options are still always a given, but the good news is that all of these items are mail order so with one click of a button you’ll still be on time. Just be sure to send me some gilded chocolates as a thank you, too, okay?

Hedley & Bennett handmade apron, $80 // pearl cuff, $34 // voluspa suede blanc candle, $16  // parker crossbody bag, $97 // naked cosmetics eye palette, $54 // spring pastel gilded chocolates, $25 //  hanging fern, $48 // striped turkish towel, $32 // custom hardcover photo book, $69 // best mom tea towel, $11 // rifle paper recipe box, $34 // rifle paper journals (set of 3), $13 // lucia soap set, $19 // marble hexagon coasters, $24 // tilt cutting boards, $30

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My newest addiction and a giveaway to start your own online shopping habit to Chairish…


mid-century glam favorites from @chairishco |

Well as if Amazon Prime hadn’t gotten out of hand enough for me, my lovely contributor Nanette went ahead and introduced me to Chairish. Now I’m three mid-century gem impulse purchases away from needing a billboard hotline number for intervention.

Have you been to the site before? It’s a really, really well curated version of all of the prettiest previously loved home furnishings and goods from all over the country that you can buy and have shipped to you.  I mean, it’s like an A+ flea market high at your finger tips, 24/7. I refused to let myself keep the iPhone app because we’re currently working on two room makeovers to share with you this month (yay!), and it was getting WAY too easy to justify them as business expenses.

All of this to lead me to my next point, which is Chairish kindly asked if I’d be interested in sharing a collection of my favorite items from the site which I replied in a very cool, calm, and collected way “YES!” and then proceeded to run a lap around the studio. I’ll cut to the chase and share twelve of my favorites here and then leave you be to browse the rest of my selections here, plus…

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