Fancy Fiesta: DIY Pattern Bowls


DIY Pattern Bowls - Sugar & Cloth DIY Pattern Bowls - Sugar & Cloth

I don’t know about you but I, Teri, whole heartedly love having people over for food, so much so,  that I’ve chosen to have a dining room table over a desk! Our ‘cozy’ London flat doesn’t allow room for both unfortunately, but I’m more than happy if it means there are people in my home throughout the week that I can cook for. With that in mind I always think tasty food belongs in pretty dishes, like these DIY pattern bowls.

They’re perfect for Summer treats and nibbles inside or outside, and these bowls couldn’t be easier to make! Never mind the fact that my cupboard is already rammed full to exploding with plates, pots, glassware and bowls, I couldn’t not try and squeeze a few more dishes into this swollen Aladdin’s cave…

DIY Pattern Bowls - Sugar & Cloth

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