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pretty florals int he sugar & cloth studio

Is it too soon to go on vacation again? Just kidding…(it’s going to take me until next year to save up again anyways). Things have been full speed ahead since we got back from Tulum, and somedays I swear I’m just spinning in circles trying to figure out what needs to be done next. I admit, I love it though.

This is actually the first time since I start Sugar & Cloth almost three years ago that I’ve gotten to focus the majority of my time on S&C and it’s such a good feeling, spinning in circles or not! It’s also been a huge help having extra hands, like Jared working his photo skills (they’re pretty good huh?!) and hopefully an intern here in the studio soon too. I mean, what kind of person wouldn’t jump up to volunteer to hangout with me in my slightly frazzled, paint everywhere, DIY state of mind, ya know? Which brings me to the rest of life lately…

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Eats // Donut shaped mini ice cream cakes


donut ice cream cake recipe | donut ice cream cakes-442

There’s entirely too much sugar floating around this blog to not hop on the donut trend at least once this summer. In my true over the top dessert fashion, I’ve concocted a real bathing suit enemy with this donut shaped mini ice cream cake recipe…

And as a self proclaimed long time ice cream cake connoisseur, there of course has to be the oreo crunch layer in the middle or it didn’t happen. I know someone out there can give me a Baskin Robbin’s ice cream cake amen!

Of course you can always simplify this and just skip the ice cream and make whatever type of cake you usually enjoy, but what’s the fun in that when it’s 100 degrees outside?…

donut ice cream cakes-302

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DIY // Colorblock food domes


DIY colorblock food domes | DIY colorblock food domes | With summer in full swing, dinner al fresco is our go-to any time we get half a chance. The only catch is that Texas bugs are about as unforgiving as middle school dodge ball, which leaves me with no choice but to bring on the power of a repurposed basket.

These DIY colorblock food domes prove two things, never underestimate the power of paint and that no bug will come between me and a cupcake if I have anything (DIY) to do with it. The latter of which I’m not always proud of…

DIY colorblock food domes |

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DIY // Animal Knobs


DIY animal knobs | DIY animal knobs |

photos and tutorial by Aileen of At Home In Love

Every now and then we do a DIY project just for the kids. I say that only because if I made cat animal knobs for myself I would be deemed crazy cat lady (and not just because Brittni always says so), but if I had kids I could just blame it on them, right? Clearly I have all of my priorities straight.

Anyways, back on track, Aileen made these super cute DIY animal knobs inspired by Ferm Living’s animal hooks, that are as customizable as you could want them to be. Let the kids (cough, cough, or yourself) pick their favorite animal and the rest is wall hook history.

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