DIY Abstract Floral Pattern Cake


DIY abstract floral pattern cake - Sugar & Cloth DIY abstract floral pattern cake - Sugar & Cloth

photos by Inked Fingers

Recently, at the hands of some well-meaning girlfriends, I, Carly, succumbed to what some might call the “I’m-pushing-30” peer pressure to join a local bootcamp. So, every morning I now wake up before 5am, stumble into my kitchen, drink my coffee with my eyes still closed, and head off to camp. There I spend the next hour of my life running, jumping, lifting, and lunging until I can lunge no more, all in the name of fitness. Sounds exciting, right? Well, I honestly have no reason for telling you about any of it, except to help you fully understand just how much I’ve been thinking about cake lately, so this DIY abstract floral pattern cake is no coincidence as far as timing!

Lucky for me, these same girlfriends of mine like to regularly host fabulous dinner parties. Ones where we all gather around bottles of wine while we cook each other all sorts of delicious foods and eat to our hearts’ content. It’s wonderful, for so many reasons, but it also affords me the perfect opportunity to make (and eat) some truly amazing cake.

Now of course, for nights as special as these, I can’t just show up with any old cake. But let’s be honest, who has the time, energy, or talent to make a show-stopping cake worthy of television show glory? Well I’m glad you asked, my friend, because YOU do, and I’m going to show you how…

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