We’re Looking for Workshop Partners!


We're Looking for Workshop Parnters!

With the new studio underway and a whole slew of fresh ideas for workshops in 2015, we’re looking for workshop partners to team up with to create even bigger and better classes and concepts for both workshop attendants and online recaps.

If you’re interested in having your brand featured on the blog and locally in the classes with either goodie bag products, providing the light bites and sips, or by sponsoring a class, fill out this quick survey to let us know how you want to be involved!

In the meantime, we’re working feverishly to finish up the new studio to host the first workshop of the year at the end of March. Don’t worry, we’ll be announcing all of the yearly calendar details with you soon enough!

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DIY Sequin Marquee Heart


DIY sequin marquee heart sugarandcloth.com DIY sequin marquee heart sugarandcloth.com

photos by Jared Smith

When I realized how much you all loved my sequin ampersand project, I knew I had to take one for the team and make an even more glamorous version with this DIY sequin marquee heart. Plus I don’t really need that much of a reason to buy a marquee heart in the first place, so the slightest hint of a DIY project on the horizon really sealed the deal for me.

If you’re planning a “Gal”entine’s brunch (or wedding!) anytime soon, you know your name is all over this! In case you’re not a heart gal, you can use this same tutorial for any size or shape marquee light, too. Just promise not to make one for your boyfriend as a Valentine’s gift and then tell him I told you to do it when he drops it like it’s hot….

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The Lastest #Sugarandclothstudio Updates



We’ve come along way since the initial move to the new #sugarandclothstudio, which actually was just us putting all of our things in a dark corner of an old warehouse with no overhead lighting until everything inside the space got painted/fixed. From there we shoved everything inside once it had enough painted to where we could at least put our things in one corner, and we’ve just been working on everything else little by little.

HGTV is really not kidding when they talk about everything taking 3 times longer than you think it will, especially when the building your moving into is over 100 years old and hasn’t seen love in at least two decades. The heat didn’t work the better portion of the winter, part of the walls got from flooded from construction going on on the other side, paint dripped from the old chalk paint ceilings… you name it and it happened. Meanwhile, I ate my feelings in the form of macarons from the bakery downstairs and pretended that if I closed my eyes I wasn’t in a construction zone. It hasn’t been a pleasant experience if I’m totally honest with you, but I’m trying to not be a total witch about it even though a lot of the things could have been prevented had it been for a bit more caring people.

All of that said and done, things are now starting to come together thanks to a lot of the people you met yesterday. We officially have running water, cabinets, a backsplash that hasn’t been grouted, and thoroughly painted walls. For the rest, I’m going with a retro vibe with pops of color and gold (of course!)…

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2014 Behind The Scenes


You’ve been asking for more behind the scenes and everyday aspects of my life and Sugar & Cloth, so to get started, here are a few notable 2014 behind the scenes moments and the people that make it all happen! It’ll be great! Juicy just like The Real Housewives of Orange County, except.. I’m not a wife and I don’t stay at home… but you get the idea.

Almost everything you see on the blog is a group effort in some regard, so mostly this is dedicated to highlighting all of the faces (and emotions) you don’t usually get to see in posts. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you one by one.

Now, for your reading ease, I’ve divided them into token categories. This first group is something I like to call “Did you get the shot?”, which also happens to be one of my most coined phrases around here–

“Did you get the shot?”

jaredshot aelishshot

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