DIY Milk and Cookies Idea


DIY milk and cookie party favors | DIY milk and cookie party favors |

photos by Jared Smith

I know Santa isn’t exactly supposed to show favorites and all, but I can’t help but to think he’d realllllly love you if he crept down the chimney to see this DIY milk and cookies idea. Just in case your kids are too grown to need milk and cookies left out on Christmas Eve, you can just forego the tradition and let your Christmas party guests take a mini milk jug and cookies home as their party favor instead!

I mean, call me a cookie lover, but I’d freak out if that was the party favor for one of my holiday parties. In my dream world they’d serve mini milk jugs and warm cookies at every hotel before bed. Is that too honest?

DIY milk and cookie party favors |

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DIY Christmas Tree Cactus


DIY Christmas tree cactus |

photos by Jared Smith

For those of you that aren’t as eager as the rest of us to stash away the turkey decor and fall leaves for busting out the Christmas trees and 1000 yards of wadded up twinkle lights, this DIY Christmas tree cactus is totally up your alley… if you’re in West Texas or really enjoy the desert.

We made this little guy as part of our nod to holiday travel series with Princess Cruises to go along with this colorful pom pom Christmas tree and one other one coming up tomorrow! For now, I’ll let you in on the super simple secret to decorating your own DIY cactus christmas tree…

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Visiting Los Angeles and Palm Springs!


places to see, eat, and shop in LA and Palm Springs |     places to see, eat, and shop in LA and Palm Springs |

photos by Jared Smith

No matter how many times I visit, I’m pretty sure California will always be a bit of a mystery to me in a way, especially growing up in a little city in West Virginia. Nonetheless, I love all of it’s color, wild stores, and endless selection of good food, especially Palm Springs. I mean, do they make places anymore colorful than that?! I feel like I’ve died and gone to picture heaven every time!

It was really fun to have Jared go back with me this time for Kelly’s wedding along with Brittni and Lexy, and it was a total blast. Not to mention every wedding I’ll ever go to from here on out will never be as beautiful as that one was, it was just beyond any wedding I’ve ever seen in real life. That either makes my standards really low or it was fit for a princess, but I’m thinking the latter.

At first we thought we were never going to make it to Palm Springs from LAX on a Friday evening in rush hour, but after a small bout of four hour hungriness, we finally arrived.

places to see, eat, and shop in LA and Palm Springs |

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DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree Idea


DIY pom pom christmas tree |    DIY pom pom christmas tree |

photos by Jared Smith

With Christmas, traveling, and family road trips just round the corner, I thought it would be fitting to have a few fun alternatives to the traditional family Christmas tree for the… not so traditional Christmas. On all of our travels recently, especially our recent cruise with Princess Cruises, it got us thinking about how not everyone plans to stay bundled up with chestnuts, a fire, and snowballs just outside their door for the holidays, so obviously a variety of ways to celebrate for every climate and region are in order!

This isn’t to say there’s a specific part of the world that only uses paper pom poms for celebrating (if their was, I’d definitely be there!), but this DIY pom pom Christmas tree is a fun alternative to the traditional decor, because the Caribbean doesn’t exactly call for a snowcapped douglas fir tree. Obviously it needs something far more colorful!…

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