21 Mother’s Day Homemade Gift Ideas

Check out these fun and easy homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Mother's Day Handmade Gift Ideas

Nothing says “I love you” like handmade presents. 

So make the mothers in your life feel extra special this Mother’s Day with one or multiple of these DIY gift ideas.

We rounded up 21 of our favorite handmade Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to put a big smile on her face. 

You do not have to be a crafty person to complete many of these DIYs. 

All you need is some free time and love for your mama.

And if time escaped you this year, there is even a hack to make gift cards seem thoughtful!

Meaningful Gifts For Mom On Mother’s Day

1 — Flower Bouquet Wrap

Flower Bouquet Wrap
Photo by Mikyla Creates

Flowers are a classic Mother’s Day gift. Make any grocery store-bought bouquet look expensive with a DIY Bouquet Wrap. All you need is your favorite wrapping paper and some ribbon!

2 — Dip-Dyed Storage Baskets

Rit dye has been getting more popular for dying clothes, so why not dye baskets? These DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets are the perfect gift for your mom’s favorite open shelving.

And if you have any leftover dye, you can even make her Watercolor Throw Blanket.

3 — Cross-Stitch Chicken

Cross-Stitch Chicken
Photo by Gathered

Cross-stitching is an easy and relaxing way to create a personalized gift for mothers day. This DIY Cross-Stitched Chicken Egg Cozy even gives you free patterns!

4 — Mini Plant Pots

mini DIY plant pots - sugar and cloth - planter - spring
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Incorporate the little ones into this Mother’s Day craft. These easy Mini DIY Plant Pots are super easy for kids to make and only require six supplies (and an oven)! They hold plants, jewelry, and all her little things.

5 — Lavender Pouches

Lavender Pouches
Photo by What, No Mints

We all need a little bit of help relaxing sometimes. Your mom will love these DIY Lavender Sachet Pouches year-round. No essential oils are needed either… just fresh lavender.

6 — Gemstone Soap

Homemade gifts are extra special to receive. This DIY Gemstone Soap is super easy and affordable to make. And honestly, it looks too pretty to even use.

7 – Retro Lazy Susan

A DIY Retro Lazy Susan for Summer entertaining - sugar and cloth - houston blogger
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Spice up her weekly pizza night with a homemade Retro DIY Lazy Susan. This DIY is an easy gift for any occasion. You could even make multiple to go with every season!

8 — Painted Mason Jar Votive Holder

Painted Mason Jar Votive Holder
Photo by Wholefully

Mason jars are so versatile, so they’re perfect for DIYs. They’re even better for a DIY Mother’s Day gift. 

These DIY Painted Mason Jar Votive Holders can be customized to fit your mom’s style and are bank account friendly!

9 – Create-a-Memory Jar

If you didn’t know already, we love our Cricut crafts. We’ve created coasters, placemats, and even artwork.

This DIY Create-a-Memory Jar is a fun and personal gift for this year’s Mother’s day. If you don’t have a Cricut, don’t worry because a paint pen and a steady hand will get the job done!

10 — Tufted Pillow

Colorful DIY tufted pillows - sugar and cloth - home decor - mid century
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

You can never have too many throw pillows. Gift these Colorful DIY Tufted Pillows next Mother’s Day because you can never go wrong with a DIY gift.

11– Hand Print Craft

New moms love Mother’s Day a little more than the rest of us. So make sure it is a very special day with this DIY Hand Print Craft for the little ones to gift to mommy.

12 – Herbal Bath Salts

Help a momma relax after her special day with these DIY Bath Salts. They are guaranteed to put a smile on her face and help her get a good night’s rest.

13 — Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger
Photo by Sarah Maker

With only a few supplies and some patience, create this durable DIY Macrame Plant Hanger for this upcoming Mother’s Day. They even list their favorite plants for this hanger so you can get the perfect one!

14 — Keychain Chapstick Holder

Keychain Chapstick Holder
Photo by Polkadot Chair

Chapstick is a household necessity and probably found in all purses. Make sure your mom never goes without one with a DIY Keychain Chapstick Holder. Customize the fabric to fit your mom’s style or even match it to her car color.

15 — Waterproof Paper Coasters

waterproof paper coasters and other pretty labels
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

With only two supplies, you can easily recreate these DIY Waterproof Paper Coasters. Pick any paper item of your choice and waterproof it with some Mod Podge dimensional magic!

16 — Shibori Tie Dye Throw Pillow

DIY Pink Shibori Throw Pillow by Sugar & Cloth, an award winning DIY and home decor blog.
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Add a geometric touch to your room with a DIY Shibori Tie Dye Throw Pillow. This technique of tie-dyeing is an ancient Japanese craft that involves lots of patterning. This is a fun and easy DIY gift for any occasion.

17 — DIY Gift Card Holder

DIY Gift Card Holder
Photo by Giggles Galore

Giving a gift card is not ideal, but we’ve all done it. Make gift cards feel special with this detailed DIY Gift Card Holder. And even if you don’t have a Cricut, this can all be cut by hand with a little bit of patience.

18 — Bath Sachet Set

DIY mother's day bath sachets
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Add a handmade touch to Mother’s Day with a DIY Bath Sachet Set. It’s perfect for your favorite lady of any age. She’ll love the good smells that will come as soon as she opens her gift!

19 — Patterned Vase

boob print DIY patterned vase - sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Don’t be shy! Make an abstract boob vase for this year’s Mother’s Day. It is sure to put a smile on her face. Plus, it really looks like a DIY Patterned Vase at first glance if you’re worried about guests!

20 –  Mini Hexagon Marble Wall Clock

DIY mini hexagon marble wall clock | sugar & cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Bring glam to your mom’s tabletop or shelf decor without breaking your bank with this DIY Mini Hexagon Marble Wall Clock. Opt for super glue over hot glue to make sure it stays ticking for as long as possible.

21 – Sand Art Sugar Scrub

photo of the DIY Sand Art Sugar Scrub by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

There’s nothing like self-care to recharge the soul. This DIY Sand Art Sugar Scrub keeps her counters pretty and her skin smooth. Just add in her favorite scent.

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