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Because Why Not: Slang Cakes


DIY Slang Cakes - sugar and cloth DIY Slang Cakes - sugar and cloth So I’m thinking of starting a new series called “Because Why Not” in honor of all of my ridiculous ideas that I usually don’t post because I think to myself “Why would people actually make this?”, and then I justify to myself that they wouldn’t, so I don’t share it. Then I got to thinking, “Why not?!”, and so that brings me to my first in this new series entitled Because Why Not: Slang Cakes edition!

No, they won’t actually all be cakes in this series, but it just so happens that we were laughing about cakes with our friend Monica from Paper Flour Ink (remember the master behind this post?!), and we started coming up with ideas of cakes we would’ve thought were AMAZING back in the day, and we ended up creating these crazy cake toppers from laser cut acrylic (thanks to Monica’s designs). Alas, here we are with slang cakes galore.

Not to worry, at least I left out the phrase “Suck it!!”. Remember that one from the WWF season in life? What the heck were we thinking back then?! Or maybe it was just me having a little brother..

DIY Slang Cakes - sugar and cloth

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A Holiday S’mores Party – Sugar & Cloth


A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth - A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

Are you guys tired of hearing about holidays and traditions from me yet? Hopefully not, because I’m introducing yet another new element to our annual Christmas celebration this year with a little s’mores party action (…and my five other new traditions, but you know…). Can you blame me, though? This little guy is so super cute!

To show him off, I took it upon myself to jazz up the studio a bit with some affordable holiday style and invited some of our studio neighbors over. And by invited I mean that I told them to dress cute and act natural because almost no one gets out of the studio without a least one photo to prove it.

It also let us test drive our new studio sofa (we finally got rid of the miserably hard to clean white one!) and coffee table setup that I picked out from…wait for it…Walmart.com. Now before you judge, and because I like to keep things super transparent with you guys, I feel compelled to admit that I was hesitant about it.

They’re not exactly the first place that comes to mind when I think of modern and cool, but then it kind of blew my mind to find out that I could order basically this entire room online and it was still in our budget. So for those of you that are turned off by the in-store thing, or for those of you wishing you had known you could get this $89 coffee table before your holidays guests arrived long before now, let me show you what I picked out…

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth - A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

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DIY Recipe Cocktail Napkins


diy-cocktail-napkins cocktail-napkins-greenery

When hosting Holiday gatherings (or any gathering for that matter!), I, Erin, like to have an easy activity on hand as an icebreaker for when guests arrive. This year I’m hosting Christmas and aiming for guests to be able to help themselves to a craft cocktail upon (and maybe learn something new at the same time!). So I created a set of info-graphic Old Fashioned DIY recipe cocktail napkins with the mixology instructions printed right on them! They’ll be perfect to set out with the bar cart party spread.

As the host I especially love this project because guests can spring for a refill as they please. No need for you to play bartender all night– you already have enough on your plate!…

barcart old-fashioned-cocktail-napkins3

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