DIY // Polka dot floppy hat


DIY polka dot floppy hat | DIY polka dot floppy hat |

Floppy hats are kind of like my summer disguise. I have what I like to call “wings” (not as in an angel), but as in hair frizzies, and Houston humidity shows me no mercy. Alas, hats of all kinds are welcomed with open arms during the summer months, and I decided I’d ad my token aesthetic to a plain floppy happy with these DIY polka dots.

Ironically my lovely friend Kelly and I happened to both make painted floppy hats around the same time (hers in her true donut fashion), so I held off a bit before sharing mine. It’s hard to compete with donuts, but then you add a little bit of pink and I melt, ya know?

All of this to say don’t judge me the next time you happen upon me at brunch wearing an oversized polka dot floppy hat indoors…


DIY polka dot hat-1 Dip the foam pouncer into the all-purpose craft paint and then make your first dot starting on the top of the hat. Be sure to hold the inside flap tight with your hand.

DIY polka dot floppy hat | Then slowly make your way down the side of the hat to the brim spacing your dots sporadically. The more paint you have on the brush the better, but you can also make touch-ups with the brush after you make the initial dots.

DIY polka dot floppy hat |

Let it dry completely and you’re all set! The Martha Stewart craft paints are all purpose and hold up well against water once they’ve dried. Even with a little accidental dip in the pool, the painted dots stayed crisp and vibrant.

DIY polka dot floppy hat | DIY polka dot floppy hat |

Now how cute is my friend Caitlin? You know you found a good friend when they let you borrow their model body at a moments notice to post all over the internet. And she happens to also make killer desserts, go figure!

photos by Jared Smith

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38 thoughts on “DIY // Polka dot floppy hat

  1. jewel7013

    OMG, I totally can relate to wearing hats to disguise my bad hair days and there are too many of them due to frizzies and cutting my own bangs. I cant get over how good these pictures are… love the different angles that you chose to showcase your adorable floppy hat(should be in a magazine spread)

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  7. sheri

    This DIY is so cute and photos are so fun and colorful! I really love the beach towel from the first photo, where is it from?

  8. Laney Shiff

    I am only 10 and I made this. I added pink polka dots, a pink ribbon separated the top and bottom and added hawaiian flowers to the ribbon! I love this hat. What a great idea! :)

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