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Snowball Float Recipe


snowball float recipe |     snowball float recipe |

The kids all love snowballs, the big kids at heart love snowballs, and now, here’s a snowball that everyone in between can love too (even if there’s no snow to be found): a perfectly wintery snowball float recipe! Let me just say that if you’re a sweets lover, then this has your name all over it. Honestly, how can you say no to a recipe with homemade vanilla soda you made on your own?

I’ve also decided that I’m officially SodaStream’s number one, self proclaimed spokesperson because I’m obsessed. I stopped drinking sodas almost four years ago and I reverted strictly to carbonated water since (coconut sparkling water is my jam!), and this is like heaven just opened up to give me all of the flavored sparkling water in the land… forever. Technically I haven’t run out of CO2 yet, but when that happens I’ll be sure to notify you of my mental breakdown. Until then, I have my machine sitting at the front of my kitchen cabinet so I can make drinks without even having to take it out. Don’t judge me…

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5 Minute hors d’oeuvres with potato chips!


5 Minute hors d'oeuvres with potato chips | 5 Minute hors d'oeuvres with potato chips |

Behind every great hostess is a trick up their sleeve (at least this is what I tell myself), and these two simple, 5 Minute hors d’oeuvres with potato chips, Kettle Brand to be exact, are definitely a good trick to have on hand during the holidays. Why? Because half of the ingredients you can toss in a bowl since everyone loves kettle chips, and the other half you can dress to impress like these smoked salmon cream cheese and blackberry feta crisps.

Click through for the full recipe for each one, but trust me when I tell you they really only take five minutes, all you have to do is assemble!

5 Minute hors d'oeuvres with potato chips |

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13 Cupcake Toppers in under 10 Minutes!


13 cupcake toppers in 10 minutes 13 cupcake toppers in 10 minutes

photos by Jared Smith

I’m super excited to share my first live article for Food Network with you! Of course, in true Sugar & Cloth style it involves cupcakes, with 13 cupcake toppers in under 10 minutes to give you a perfectly styled Christmas while leaving you with a few extra minutes to spare for wrapping last minute gifts or licking the icing bowl.

To see all of my edible topper ideas, click here to see the full gallery and do me a huge favor and be sure to share the cupcake topper love!

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Wishbone Donut Recipe


DIY wishbone donuts DIY wishbone donuts

I’m finally back from the West Coast, and while I catch up on the thousand emails and to-do lists that have piled up, I’m sharing this wishbone donut recipe over on Studio DIY while she’s honeymooning! They’re perfectly fitting for the donut Queen if I do say so myself.

In other news, I have a cool giveaway for you tomorrow plus a DIY or two up my sleeve for the rest of the week, so stick with me here while I overcome my macaron hangover from California…

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