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Eats // Marbled strawberry coconut popsicles


marbled strawberry coconut popsicle recipe | sugarandcloth.com marbled strawberry coconut popsicle recipe | sugarandcloth.com

photos and recipe by Nanette of Cultural Chromatics

I recently went to my friend’s city apartment and discovered that he was hiding a glorious, secret garden in his backyard! Not only did he have lemons, apples, rosemary and even sorrel, he had the ripest, juiciest, sweetest strawberries that were just waiting to be picked. He kindly let me “harvest” them and I proudly went home with my fresh, organic strawberries.

Of course, I knew I had to make something as beautiful as the strawberries were, so out came these refreshing strawberry coconut popsicles. I love them because they’re so beautiful, easy to make, and gluten free! 

marbled strawberry coconut popsicle recipe | sugarandcloth.com

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Eats // S’mores bark


s'mores bark recipe | sugarandcloth.com smores bark-73

I hope everyone had a lovely, long 4th of July weekend! Some of my fondest memories growing up were having 4th of July bonfires and fireworks at my Dad’s house. S’mores were always must, but getting my Dad to let us play with fire once the holiday was over was a different story (parents, ya know?!). Alas, I’ve now spent my adult life on a long journey to continuously revive my inner child through crafts and overly sugary recipes, and now I present to you s’mores bark…

Because we all know the world needs another quick way to make a decent s’more, this recipe includes all of the ingredients you’d normally have to use four hands to finagle into one little piece of bark. All you have to do is add the graham cracker buns on each end a quick sit in the microwave for an impromptu sugar party of your very own (sans the fire). All of you city kids out there can thank me later.

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Giveaway // Win my camera to capture your summer!


win sugar and cloth's Samsung NX300 from @staples to capture your summer! | sugarandcloth.com win sugar & cloth's samsung NX300 from @staples! | sugarandcloth.com

If you follow along on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you may have noticed the hashtag #30summerdays that I’ve been using document little pieces of summer here and there for the last month. I’ve actually been using this Samsung NX300 camera from Staples to share images from and it just so happens to be the coolest little camera I’ve ever owned, we actually took it to Tulum so that we weren’t lugging around a huge DSLR everywhere. Plus it’s got a pretty cute vintage vibe which you know I’m all about!

The best part is Staples is now giving one away to a lucky Sugar & Cloth reader for you to be able to capture your summer with! Definitely the coolest giveaway we’ve hosted to date!…

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DIY // Colorblock food domes


DIY colorblock food domes | sugarandcloth.com DIY colorblock food domes | sugarandcloth.com With summer in full swing, dinner al fresco is our go-to any time we get half a chance. The only catch is that Texas bugs are about as unforgiving as middle school dodge ball, which leaves me with no choice but to bring on the power of a repurposed basket.

These DIY colorblock food domes prove two things, never underestimate the power of paint and that no bug will come between me and a cupcake if I have anything (DIY) to do with it. The latter of which I’m not always proud of…

DIY colorblock food domes | sugarandcloth.com

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