Dessert Crushing


cutest holiday desserts from Raspberri Cupcakes

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I’m not even going to lie to you, I totally have  girl crush on Steph from Raspberri Cupcakes. Basically we could be best friends forever and ever and weigh 700 pounds together from her delicious recipes and I would consider it a dream. Am I rambling? I just really love this blog that much! I mean, seriously, how cute are these holiday recipes?

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9 thoughts on “Dessert Crushing

  1. jewel7013

    wow, gained weight just looking at the pictures :)

    The coconut cake with spun Christmas tree sugar, really? Crazy amazing

  2. jet

    wooow this looks sooo beautiful and pretty, and really yummie as well.
    thank you for sharing this recipies!!!
    and… the pretty beautiful picts;-D


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