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Pumpkin loaf cake recipe


Pumpkin loaf cake recipe | sugarandcloth.com Pumpkin loaf cake recipe | sugarandcloth.com

photos by Jared Smith

Alright, I’m back on the pumpkin bandwagon again with this pumpkin loaf cake recipe and I’m loving it! It’s the one time of the year where an abnormal amount of pumpkin consumption is socially acceptable so I’m going to run with it while I can. Also, I’d just like to say that since you can’t experience the home-baked smell and taste via the internet, be consoled by the fact that Jared made this bad boy look just as good it tasted. Then again, what doesn’t taste good with a whole tablespoon of butter on it?

See the full recipe right here, on the Minted blog!

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Ghoul’s guts ice cream cake shot recipe


ghouls guts ice cream cake shot recipe | sugarandcloth.com

photos by Jared Smith

I’ve concocted quite a few ice cream shot recipes in the history of Sugar & Cloth, but I’ve yet to bust out any Halloween inspired ones. Valentine’s day? Got you covered. Christmas? Love it so much I made two, this one and this one. A just because ice cream cake shot? Most definitely. And now.. a ghouls guts ice cream cake shot recipe just for Halloween.

Luckily ghosts have a tendency to fall in line with my all white color scheme here on the blog, so I just went with it…

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DIY // Pom pom cake (and intern/assistant advice!)


DIY pom pom cake | sugarandcloth.com DIY pom pom cake | sugarandcloth.com

If this sweet little DIY pom pom cake doesn’t brighten your Thursday, I don’t know what will! Unless you had doughnuts for breakfast, in which case you owe the rest of us good vibes instead, but I’m not pointing fingers. Nonetheless, be sure to check out this ridiculously simple cake tutorial over on Julep today.

In case you’ve been wondering what’s happening behind the scenes at S+C lately, it can pretty much all be summed up in a very graphic image of me racing like a mad woman to finish deadlines for the rest of this week and next. I’ve also decided that I HAVE to get an intern or thirty. What are your alls thoughts on interns? Do they have to be through a college for credit, paid well, not paid at all if it’s through the university, any horror stories of things you wish you would’ve known before hand, is it easier just to pay for an assistant, do I need to preface working for us that I may or may not cry over cupcakes on certain days? Wow, if you stuck with me through that run-on sentence you’re already hired!

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DIY // Edible confetti


DIY edible confetti | sugarandcloth.com edible-confetti-167-eight

I can’t think of one get together that isn’t made better with confetti, but especially edible confetti. I’m not talking about the cheesy grocery store sprinkles, I’m talking gold, mint, peach, and any other colors you can dream up because that’s exactly what you’re going to be making after this DIY edible confetti tutorial. I think it might be my newest addiction.

I mean, the possibilities here are endless. Shapes, colors, sizes, you name it. It’s practically as exciting as deciding on ice cream at Disney World, which is really saying something. Here’s the how-to and a few tips on making your own…

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