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DIY // Pom pom placemats and tabletop


DIY pom pom placemats and tabletop | DIY pom pom placemats and tabletop |

photography by Kimberly Chau

One of my worst qualities in life is not being able to keep surprises. I swear the second I get excited about sharing something it’s over, I should just apologize to all loved ones in advance for never actually having anything to open on Christmas or birthdays (sorry about tomorrow Jared!). Fortunately what I lack in keeping surprises I can make up for with a whole bunch of pom pom trim loveliness, like this tabletop I styled with Kim a few months ago.

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DIY // Animal Knobs


DIY animal knobs | DIY animal knobs |

photos and tutorial by Aileen of At Home In Love

Every now and then we do a DIY project just for the kids. I say that only because if I made cat animal knobs for myself I would be deemed crazy cat lady (and not just because Brittni always says so), but if I had kids I could just blame it on them, right? Clearly I have all of my priorities straight.

Anyways, back on track, Aileen made these super cute DIY animal knobs inspired by Ferm Living’s animal hooks, that are as customizable as you could want them to be. Let the kids (cough, cough, or yourself) pick their favorite animal and the rest is wall hook history.

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A peek of the new studio and the most excited I’ve ever been about window treatments


sugar and cloth studio decorview windows | sugar and cloth studio decorview windows | Well that was a long winded title if there ever was one, huh? It’s true though, I am officially my mother with with how excited I am over the new studio window treatments that I mentioned the other day. I seriously think we spent half the day looking for reasons to open and shut the shades…

The light in the studio is one of the main reasons I chose it, add that to my love affair with all things white and gold, and you’ve got yourself one giant sun-reflector. Okay, it’s not really that intense, but it does get pretty direct sun during the day which is counter productive for a) not sweating myself skinny in the middle of summer (which normally I would love if it wasn’t at work), and b) it makes for not so great DIY project lighting since it’s too harsh.

That’s where these magical built-in light diffuser Hunter Douglas window treaments (as I’ve since named them) by Decorview and come in, and yes, I felt the need to include a mini animation to show you the difference…

sugar and cloth studio decorview windows |

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DIY // Jumbo Sequin Monogram


DIY jumbo sequin monogram | DIY jumbo sequin monogram |

I’m ramping up my glimmer game over on the Lulu’s blog again with this DIY jumbo sequin monogram that I made. Yes, technically I know that an ampersand doesn’t constitute a monogram but I needed something that said ” Sugar & Cloth ” for the new studio, and S or C by itself just didn’t cut it. You can see the full tutorial here!

In the meantime, I’ll be headed back home from Tulum so please take a moment to wish me an easy transition back into real life duties again, okay?

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