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DIY // Hanging bundt cake pan planters


DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters | DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters |

Well you guys, the studio is finally coming together one little corner at a time! I’m super relieved since just last week it looked like it didn’t know what it wanted to be, and today it looks like minty happiness now that my new Smeg arrived (please see here for a quick vid accurately describing my feelings over it).

Clearly after kissing and hugging your new mini fridge, the next step is to decorate around it, which is exactly what I did with these DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters. I wanted to have something that was kitchen-esque to make it feel like a little mini lunch and snack station since the studio doesn’t actually have a kitchen area.

Of course you can use these anywhere and they don’t actually have to be hanging, but it’s a super inexpensive project to make and you can find amazing patterns and shapes of bundt cake pans at just about any flea market or thrift store…

DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters |

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DIY // 6 Must-try fruit inspired projects and a life crisis update


6 must-try fruit DIY's |

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’ve reached a point where my unhealthy death grip on my computer has come to a head. Last night it took a dive for the worse and decided to completely shutdown, so alas, I have to postpone my DIY post for today and instead make a medical emergency trip to the Apple store and beg them to do overnight reviving on my baby. Which leads me to my next point: fruit.

Clearly the two go hand-in-hand, and since I can’t bring my own project to the table today and I’m bowing out of the fruit game with my last fruit inspired project on Julep next week, I decided I’d my an ode to my favorites from the summer. Here we go-

DIY crochet tutti frutti potholders by Wink for Tutsplus // DIY pom pom fruit by Mr. Printables // DIY fruit macarons by Sugar & Cloth // DIY watermelon donuts by Paper & Stitch // DIY fruit slice umbrellas by Studio DIY  // DIY fruity print zipper purses by The Lovely Drawer 

Lastly, this crazy awesome fruit grill made an appearance on the list too, but I didn’t want to scare anyone away too quickly. Hope you all have a great weekend! xo

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Announcing the first Sugar & Cloth floral workshop!


floral workshop | floral workshop |

I’m super, super excited to announce the first Sugar & Cloth floral workshop happening this September in Houston. It’s still kind of surreal that it’s even an option to have workshops now that we have the new studio. Before all I could’ve hosted was a small get together in my livingroom to watch my cat Thomas do his same three party tricks, and one of the three is just a stone cold death stare. I mean, I know a few people who might’ve bought tickets, but I still would’ve done down in history for that one.

Good news is I’ve teamed up with Maria of Maxit Flower Design to bring the pro tips considering I happen to kill things slowly, and not quite as poetically as the Fugees sang it. Although I can make a mean alphabet out of pretty stems (case in point is the top photo). You win some, you lose some I guess..

floral workshop |

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DIY // Fruit macarons


DIY fruit macarons | DIY fruit macarons |

Yes, it’s only been five days since I’ve last played with my food. This time I had a little encouragement though after a Friday morning meeting with Bite Macarons here in Houston, when naturally I left with two dozen colorful cookies…

Seeing as how the fruit trend is still going full force and I’m surrounding myself with bad macaron influences, I decided I’d try my hand at a little fruit cookie action to make my college art career worthwhile. Luckily my career there wasn’t super impressive and there’s this magical thing called Amazon Prime that sells pre-made royal icing goodies, so these are sure to be do-able for the masses. With all of this in mind, these DIY fruit macarons are surely destined to reignite the dying fruit basket, or kabob, or cake.. I could go on.

DIY fruit macarons |

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