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DIY Ikea Hack Floating Credenza


DIY Ikea hack floating credenza | DIY Ikea hack floating credenza |

Remember the before photos and inspiration board I shared with you all a few weeks ago of the room makeover we’d be working on with Valspar? Well I’m excited to share one of the big projects we worked on (before I share the full reveal!) to help transform the space with a trusty old DIY Ikea hack floating credenza. After all, what room is really complete until there’s an Ikea hack, ya know?!

I wanted to make Ainsley’s room a bit more mature while still be functional and bright, with pops of color and fun touches here and there. This credenza was the perfect place for her to be able to easily open and close the doors at her height to put her toys away, and Mom loves it too, so it’s a win-win!


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DIY Abstract watercolor painted cake


DIY Abstract watercolor painted cake | DIY Abstract watercolor painted cake |

Last weekend we hosted my lovely friend Davina’s baby shower at the studio, so I felt like I could take it upon myself to make whatever kind of crazy cake I wanted to go along with it. After all, sugar is in the name and I only need half a reason to bust out my next Picasso of cakes anyways! Plus Davina and Kyle decided not to find out the sex of the baby early, so it left me no choice but to use every kid-friendly color there ever was just in case.

All of that to say I ended up making this DIY abstract watercolor painted cake as a result. I also had at least five people at the party ask me if it was edible, and yes, of course it is (it’s practically criminal if it’s not!). Plus it takes almost no artistic skills whatsoever to decorate this baby, so you can line all of your big kids up and just let them have at it for their next party or occasion, too!

DIY abstract watercolor cake |

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Houston Floral Workshop Recap!


the Sugar & Cloth floral workshop | the Sugar & Cloth floral workshop |

photos by Aelish Wilmot

Not that having hosted only two workshops in my own studio makes me a seasoned veteran now or anything, but I have to say that flowers make for the prettiest photos hands down, so I’m super excited to share the Houston floral workshop recap with you! Yes, yes I realize it’s taken me way longer than I thought considering the class was a few weeks ago, but hey, life happens!

First things first, thanks so much for everyone that came to the class! I could seriously kiss all of you for showing up because it’s pretty terrifying putting yourself on the line to make a class happen when you never know if people will even care to come. Secondly, do flowers not making everything one hundred times prettier or what?! Fifty Flowers helped us out with all of the florals so that we could get all of the fan favorites even though Houston weather doesn’t really permit them, and Maria of Maxit Flower Design took it from there when it came to teaching the arrangements with tips and tricks along the way…

the Sugar & Cloth floral workshop | the Sugar & Cloth floral workshop |

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DIY Geometric chalkboard notes desk


DIY geometric chalkboard desk DIY geometric chalkboard notes desktop |

In case any of you have ever wished that the Apple Sticky Notes desktop app could magically transform into a real-life disposable desktop note taking system, your wish has been granted. I’ve teamed up with Scotch® Duct Tape to bring you a clever way to transform any plain desk into a note-takers paradise with this DIY chalkboard desk for quick and easy geometric notes using their new removable chalkboard tape.

Even better, you literally only need to supplies to make this project, and you can personalize it into whatever shapes you’d like: hearts, polka dots, letters, you name it! Oh, and the kids will have something to color on that isn’t the walls…

DIY geometric chalkboard desk

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