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DIY // Animal Knobs


DIY animal knobs | DIY animal knobs |

photos and tutorial by Aileen of At Home In Love

Every now and then we do a DIY project just for the kids. I say that only because if I made cat animal knobs for myself I would be deemed crazy cat lady (and not just because Brittni always says so), but if I had kids I could just blame it on them, right? Clearly I have all of my priorities straight.

Anyways, back on track, Aileen made these super cute DIY animal knobs inspired by Ferm Living’s animal hooks, that are as customizable as you could want them to be. Let the kids (cough, cough, or yourself) pick their favorite animal and the rest is wall hook history.

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DIY // Footed candy jars


DIY // Footed candy jars DIY // Footed candy jars

I’m hereby relieving you of the need to buy apothecary jars for your next dessert table styling with this DIY footed candy jars that I’m sharing on Julep today. Let’s be open with each other, we were all a little over those right? If nothing else, you’ll at least get to see more pictures of these awesome fringed honeycombs by Poppies For Grace.

I’ve been hoarding them for the last few weeks trying to wait for an upcoming shoot I had been dreaming up, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I swear I had dreams of these honeycombs asking to be photographed. Right. Now.

DIY // Footed candy jars

photos by Jared Smith

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DIY // Polka dot floppy hat


DIY polka dot floppy hat | DIY polka dot floppy hat |

Floppy hats are kind of like my summer disguise. I have what I like to call “wings” (not as in an angel), but as in hair frizzies, and Houston humidity shows me no mercy. Alas, hats of all kinds are welcomed with open arms during the summer months, and I decided I’d ad my token aesthetic to a plain floppy happy with these DIY polka dots.

Ironically my lovely friend Kelly and I happened to both make painted floppy hats around the same time (hers in her true donut fashion), so I held off a bit before sharing mine. It’s hard to compete with donuts, but then you add a little bit of pink and I melt, ya know?

All of this to say don’t judge me the next time you happen upon me at brunch wearing an oversized polka dot floppy hat indoors…

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DIY // Patterned flatware pouches


DIY patterned flatware pouches | DIY patterned flatware pouches |

Well I’m happy to say I’m officially a contributor over on Minted’s blog Julep these days! My first project are these DIY patterned flatware pouches and they’re about as easy as it gets, but still pack a major party punch if you know what I mean.

What’s a clever way you’ve displayed flatware on the dining table? I’m curious to know if anyone else thinks gold utensils deserve as much of a pretty presentation as the rest.

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